She said: “Can we turn it on House Hunters International? This shit’s boring as all hell.”

He said: “I did during the commercials. The second house they were looking at was decorated 80’s style and pink. Looked like the Brandy Bunch threw up in there. I couldn’t take it.”

She said: “Ugh, nasty. Great way to put your house up on the top end of the real estate market there dumbass.”

He said: “Yeah really.”


She said: “I think I’m in love with Jon Oliver.”

He said: “Eh?”

She said: “Just his words. The ‘Clusterfuck of clusterfucks’. I couldn’t have described the masses in DC better myself.”

He said: “They have writers for that.”

She said: “Yeah but he looks good saying it. Or maybe it’s the accent… It’s why the writers aren’t flown to DC and put on camera.”

He said: "..."


Just another typical evening in my world. The only thing different this week was the change from Indecision 08’ to Changefest 09’ in The Daily Show’s campaign. 

Oh yeah, and we have a new President. Who apparently picked his right-hand-man on the basis of who would be most likely to keep him from being assassinated. Because seriously, no one who owns a gun, who wants to keep their gun, would ever consider hurting the President with that man as the VP. It’s just too damn contradictory. 

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